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E-rickshaws, often known as electric rickshaws, are not only revolutionising urban transportation in India but also having a profound societal impact. These green cars have improved local communities all around the country and given drivers new career and empowerment opportunities.

In India, where underemployment and unemployment are still major problems, the popularity of e-rickshaws has opened up a wide range of employment prospects. Many people who were previously having trouble securing stable employment now work as e-rickshaw drivers.

E Rickshaws have often become a means of entrepreneurship for individuals who may not have had access to traditional job opportunities. With relatively low upfront costs and a simplified operational model, aspiring entrepreneurs can enter the e-rickshaw sector and become self-employed.

The social impact of e-rickshaws extends beyond the drivers themselves. E-rickshaw services have become an integral part of daily commuting for many people, especially in densely populated urban areas and localities. These vehicles provide affordable and convenient transportation solutions, particularly for short-distance travel.

In terms of gender empowerment, e-rickshaws have opened doors for women to enter the workforce as drivers. Women have historically had trouble finding secure and dependable travel options. But the introduction of e-rickshaws has empowered and encouraged women to work as drivers, shattering gender norms and increasing their economic options. Inspiring role models who go against social norms and advance gender equality in the transportation industry are female e-rickshaw drivers.

Moreover, the environmental benefits of e-rickshaws have improved the overall quality of life, making them a valuable asset in building a more sustainable and inclusive future for India.

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